After a while in this ol' trusting web add, I am finally moving to a new space because it seemed impossible to upgrade this one. So I guess if you are still interested u can go ahead and check it out over that :

Gonna miss this place ...

D day


This month of august is really special for the fact that during the opening of the China Olympic's the day was set for 8th August 2008, 08.08.08. And yesterday was another special looking date which is 20th august 2008, 20082008.

And half an hour from now it would be the end of the day my birthday. And I was really Happy this year because alot came out of this month like, Free coupon's from Jusco, both my phone's telcos maxis and celcom gave me whole day free call's and sms, outing's and dinner's from my company, and cake.

The X-files 2 (Update).

Besides Batman : The Dark Knight, next month my most anticipated movie had finally surfaced. The X-files : I want to believe, would be in cinemas after the long wait since it's last Finale of season 9.

And yeah it is confirmed that the same actor's for Mulder and Scully would reprise their role. I am sure all the X-files Fan's would be so delighted to see them in action again.

Friday the Thirteen


Today, as most westerner's believe, and probably some over here would believe today is an unlucky day. But of course it is a superstition to believe such mumbo jumbo and only if one would think that everything unlucky that happened on that day is related on those belief.

For example, this morning for the first time, I left my waist bag on the chair outside of my house which was filled with my second handphone and my PDA. And when I was out I always thought it was in the house. But as I came home I saw the bag outside. Goodness it was still where I left it.

Increase !!!!!!


Increase!! Increase!! Increase!! ..... This is going to Hit us (The normal wage citizen's) all the way back to the stone-ages. This is the part where :

1. We pick and hunt for food. (Food price goes up)

2. We sit in the dark at night. (electricity price goes up)

3 Homemade wooden vehicles or might as well "on foot" is the best transportation. (Fuel Increase)

4. Meeting friends would be a long walk to the other part of the jungle of bricks and cement. (cut down on leisure time)

5. Play with stick's. (cut down on entertainment)



No this is not actually or put it 'entirely' about chocolate chips or even bar chocolates. It was about a movie I saw last night from Thailand which I find promising. Promising for the fact the actress could be the new female version of Tony Jaa, the actor who I blogged about awhile back.The title of the movie is "Chocolate".


Marie D. Live In KL


Oh yeah I was tired from a long day's work actually, but as I was going to take an evening rest after a cold shower, I suddenly remembered there was a small concert in 1Utama. It was Marie Digby, doing a promo tour and the admission was free.

I remembered not wanting to miss this since I heard about it through the radio, so I gathered up my strength to get into the car and drove a good half an hour swiftly and as I got there, I darnly forgot my digital camcorder again since the Gwen Stefani's one last year.



Well, it isn't a pleasant time for me these past few week's, Although I continue to be busy behind schedule in my job, I seem to do thing's not in a proper way as planned recently. Mistakes made numerous of times which made me felt as if I am jinx(which I don't believe it was so).

After The Long Hard Struggle....


The Title? Well, you can say that I made alot of work done but of course it doesn't end yet since there are more to come, updating a blog this non frequent tend to make me feel as if I have no interest but actually I had been doing alot of reading instead of writing online as well as offline.

Well, just for the sake of updating this blog here are some of the list of movies to look forward to in april via cinema :

17th April : 'The Kite Runner', 'Over her dead body', 'The Tattooist'

18 April : 'Forbidden Kingdom'

24 April : '88 Minutes', 'lars and the real girl'

Happy Chinese New Year To all!!


I had been so darn excited being here in my hometown I didn't realized I forgot to post my wishes to all... GONG XI FA CAI!!!!


Do Have a great time this festive season.